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I absolutely love ALA! The teachers are fantastic! Tommy started attending ALA when he was 18 months old. I, being a nervous new mother checked out every preschool in the Port Charlotte/Punta Gorda area. ALA was in the middle of renovations when I dropped in. Even though they were in the process of rearranging the school, they were more than willing to allow me to tour their facility and were by no means put out by my unannounced visit. Other schools I visited were not so kind and required I have an appointment before I could view their facility. The staff was warm and friendly. There was no question where I was going to enroll my son. The following week he started school. Within a month, I noticed his speech and social skills improve incredibly. He has now been with the school for a year and loves it too! He looks forward to seeing his friends and teachers. I love that the school works with the children and even assists in POTTY TRAINING!! My son has thrived under their care and supervision. They have an phenomenal staff. I would recommend ALA to any parent! Just ask Tommy, he'll tell you too! A special thank you to all of you for all of your hard work and efforts!

Courtney W.

My Boys have had such a great learning experience at ALA. All of the teachers are so wonderful. Besides helping my kids learn they made them feel safe and happy and that is important Thanks ALA for doing such a great job!

Kristi DiBene

By far the best daycare facility I have ever seen. The teachers truly have the kids best interest at heart and genuinely care for them. Also extremely clean. I would recommend this facility to everyone! Absolutely love it here and so do both my children

Silvana Roman

This place is WONDERFUL! It took us 3 daycares to finally find one that treated our son good. I have nightmare stories from past daycares (see my other reviews) in Charlotte County. My son had a bit of a behavioral problem for a bit, likely from the daycares he had to endure prior to Little Achievers. They worked with my son, and he always had nothing but good things to say about his day at school. He LOVED Ms. Tiffany! She was amazing to my son. We recently moved him to another daycare, only because they didn’t offer aftercare, and we wanted our son and daughter to be at the same place for pickup. Great experience here, you won’t be disappointed.

Monica Harmon

This school has become a second family to us. We are sad that our journey has come to an end but will always cherish the memories we have made. This school has such wonderful teachers and owners who truly care. We are blessed to know each one of you. My children have learned so much and grown because of ALA, but we know that your hard work and loving school as beyond prepared our children for elementary school!

Kelly P.

Thank you so much for the education and positive direction you have provided for our daughter Ava. We are truly going to miss this school while we are excited for our next big adventure we know that Ava is ready because of all you have done. It is with a heavy and sad heart that we leave our ALA family but knew that after three years of preschool its time for Ava to spread her wings! Thanks again for all you have done!

The Lorf Family

Academy of Little Achieves is an amazing school! Dylan has grown and learned so much in the past three years. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all of the quality care, time and love you have shown to our son.

The Smith's

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